• Erik


    The Boss
    « We chose to give preference to products of fresh and healthy local , artisanal , organic farmers or which were produced or raised in a sustainable and respectful of man and nature . We believe that everyone can change things a little bit , we decided to change , in our own way through your plate. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome . Enjoy your meal. »

Whenever your tastebuds yearn to savour some heart-warming comfort food; whenever your senses crave for a bold and authentic culinary experience, to be enjoyed in a friendly and sociable venue, our restaurant, Le Zinneke, warmly welcomes you to its bistronomic refuge.

Giving greater meaning to the contents of your plate, inviting you to rediscover taste and the love of good products: that is what Erik and Anouk, the owners, commits to. Erik si hailing from a family of caterers in Gent, he has been passionate about Belgian bistronomy for years. Today, he continues to ensure that the values he promotes in his kitchen (quality, freshness and the enjoyment of good food) are honoured; not just on your plate, but with the environment surrounding it as well.

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